If you are a girl who is motivated to grow personally and meet other inspiring girls and:

is between 14 and 18 years old
currently lives in Bulgaria
speaks English
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July 18 - 25th 2021


Veliko Tarnovo


April 12th 2021


Guarantee fee of 100 lv + travel expenses to / from Veliko Tarnovo

Application process


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Fill in the online Application Form (in English) by the 12th April 2021.

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Obtain an online recommendation by a teacher, leader or a GLOW Alumna through this form to increase your chance of being accepted.

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15th February
Applications open
12th April
Applications close
Selection announced
18 - 25th July
Glow academy


The GLOW Association provides a partial scholarship for all 65 participants that covers their entire accommodation and training expenses.We are also able to provide a social (full) scholarship that covers the 100 lv guarantee fee if needed.


Your form will be evaluated based on a point system developed by Leadership Academy GLOW. Following the evaluation that is carried out by two different evaluators, the first 65 girls to receive the highest score will receive an invitation to join us at Academy GLOW.

Deadline: 12th April 2021

You have XX:XX:XX left to grasp the opportunity

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Who sponsors the academy?

The academy is sponsored by independent donors and it works on the principle that anyone can become one. There are a couple of ways you can do that - through purchasing items from our shop or by making a donation.

What is LA GLOW?

LA GLOW is a week-long academy taking place in the summer that aims to promote personal development, raise social awareness and engagement and support the development of soft skills.

What are you looking for in the campers?

We are looking for girls who are motivated to develop their interpersonal skills and be part of a community of inspiring people.

Does it cost anything?What if I can’t afford it? What does a "guarantee fee" mean?

All participants once confirmed are required to pay a guarantee fee of 100 leva and cover their own travel expenses to and from Veliko Tarnovo. If any participant is unable to pay this guarantee/ insurance fee, we can offer financial aid in the form of a full scholarship.

Why should you apply?

You should apply if you want to identify and develop transferable skills, boost your self-esteem and be a part of a supportive and encouraging community.

Who can participate?

Girls between 14 and 18 years who currently live in Bulgariа, speak English, are motivated to grow personally and meet other inspiring girls.

Who runs the Academy? Who leads the sessions?

The Academy depends solely on volunteers. The sessions are prepared and led by the youth trainers - GLOW alumni, who give their time and energy to bring the academy to life.

What can I learn? Is every activity in the form of a session?

You will participate in workshops and sessions on various topics such as communication, public speaking, self-esteem, gender roles, time and stress management and many more. The Academy strives to make learning fun, informal, natural, and lasting. We engage the participants through a wide array of interactive learning methods, such as team-building activities, discussions, games, simulations, reflection, group tasks, workshops and a community service day to stimulate and inspire.

When is the Academy happening?

The academy takes place during the summer, usually at the end of July.